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I'm not sure what you mean by the 1/4 throttle increments but the mpg gauge in my 330 sometimes goes down to 12mpg then back to 50+mpg when feathering the throttle at low when coming to and starting from a stop. Our cars have adaptive throttles which means they learn the way the drivers drive and will adjust settings appropriately. You can reset the "memory" by inserting your key fob into the slot and turning on the ACC power. 2 clicks, no foot on brake. Hold the accelerator pedal down for 25-30 seconds. You may or may not hear a noise coming from the vehicle. People say it is the transmission resetting itself but I think people just hear things coincidentally. The transmission is not a computer it is controlled by one. Turn the car back off. Take out and reinsert your key fob, start it up as normal and drive it around. See if this helps. GL.
Thanks for the information. Ill give it a shot and see.

What I mean by 1/4 throttle increments is it seems like someone is slightly tapping on an off the gas pedal....but my foot is not moving...

I went to the dealer to book a appointment and the SA thinks is a bad ignition coil

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump? or bad MAF?

I might unplug the MAF and see what happens. If I do that does the car run in closed loop?