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Installed! Used a duplicate white piece that is the same for the front fog lights (purchased it from a seller here on the boards). The tricky part is getting the blank button out of the housing. The diagram here shows using two screwdrivers to pull the tabs back to release the button. That didn't work well for me so I did this instead:
  1. Take a small screwdriver and pull one of the two tabs back.
  2. It opens wider than you might think but you will see the indent if you open wide enough.
  3. Take a large flat screwdriver on the outside of the housing between the button and the housing and apply a slight twisting pressure as if you were going to force the button out.
  4. When you apply a little twisting pressure to the button and pry on the tab, it will force the button down enough to keep the tab from snapping back into place.
  5. Keep pressure on the button with the large screwdriver still and pry the second tab back.
  6. As you open the second tab while twisting the large screwdriver the button will pop out!
This worked for me and nothing was damaged. Cut the little tab stops on the outside of the button (4 of them) and reinsert the button.