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Originally Posted by e90ben View Post
Thanks for the information. Ill give it a shot and see.

What I mean by 1/4 throttle increments is it seems like someone is slightly tapping on an off the gas pedal....but my foot is not moving...

I went to the dealer to book a appointment and the SA thinks is a bad ignition coil

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump? or bad MAF?

I might unplug the MAF and see what happens. If I do that does the car run in closed loop?
Since your car has 52k on it you might as well do these following things: clean your MAF with MAF cleaner and use fuel injector cleaner (Chevron/ STP/ any major brand will work).

It is vital to use fuel injector cleaner every 5k or so, BMW actually recommends it and sells their own stuff. It helps clean the VANOS, which could be an issue in your case.