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Originally Posted by T-MC-G View Post
A good option might be the ORACAL 751 High Performance Cast Vinyl 48" x 50 Yard Roll for only $384... only 2 mil thick but it describes it as being very easy to work with around rough edges...

So basically what's it like taking this stuff off after a couple years...if it is anything like window tint with the application fluids I don't think it is worth the

Or do you just peel the stuff off and wash the car and you are good to go???
Since, most of you don't know what it feels to peel this.... haha

no it is not as simple as that, after you peel it off you need to wash everything off with the remover, clay it and wax it.

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me want vinylllllll
Alan, if eric is nice to me, I will wrap your car

Originally Posted by C62335i View Post
What do yall think: WHITE carbon fiber wrap on the hood, sode mirrors and roof on my alpine white?
I did half of my car in 3M CF, I did the whole car in matte white last year.

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well it looks awsome , I was thinking of doin mine flat white!
Pm me i can show you pics, and for matte white, you cannot just have 1 piece like this. you have to cover the matte white to preserve it from getting stained.

Originally Posted by riot View Post
I did some research as well, ORACAL 970RA seems to be the best option from reading online. Google ORACAL 970RA, you will see threads and posts about the 6XX and 9XX applications being too thin, or not appropriate for curves.

A roll of the 970RA is about $500, but there may be suppliers who can price it by the yard. Personally I'd like to try the window trim with this stuff.
Oracal 631 is not meant to wrap cars, no offense but I would like to see the close up of this car. I wrapped my whole car in matte white with 751 and had a VERY VERY tough time with alot of the corners and such.

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i was quoted locally for oracal 631 50 yards x 48" $208.00

i will be starting this project by may 3rd, and will sell the excess to another member for half the price. i dont see this taking more than 25 yards, leaving enough to do a full car.
that is about right, alan if you want help let me know. I would be more than happy to assist.

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can u get a quote for Satin black, or satin white, 25 yd?

As I mention before, you can do a car with 751, and with the matte white your better off buying gloss white and with a matte clear.