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Originally Posted by hotnikks View Post
Just a thought...since timing is controlled electronically maybe you have a dying ignition coil?? My rpm's used stutter at idle like that until one day one of my cylinders was flat out misfiring. Turned out to be igntion coil. Ordered from tishcer changed it out in 30 min. All good

See thats the thing, at idle or WOT the symptom is not there. I would assume that if it is a bad coil/Sparkplug it would be more pronounced at WOT..

I did try the Throttle Body Alignment, and I thought it had fixed the issue as there was absolutely not surging. However after getting on the throttle for a few quick stoplight to stoplight runs, it came back.

Cars booked for an appointment on thursday, so if anyone can point me in a direction to talk about with the SA it would be much appreciated