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Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
Dont forget bmw is only now showing a preliminar concept...hell it doesnt even have an interior yet...and has you pointed out mercedes has 7 years...7 years + at least 3 for development...almost a decade in advance of bmw in this game...and audi already as this car ready to go on the market + all the knowledge from porsche and not only bmw is the last of the premium manufacters to make a car like this its already a decade behind the first one!!!!!!! And you say they are not late????

Be certain of this...if bmw puts this car out in 2012 means it was a rush job...since they need at least 3 years of development and that would make bmw 12 years behind merc!!!

Late doesnt even begin to describe it mate...but hey at least take some confort in knowing bmw will be the first premium brand to develop a megacity vehicle...oh...shit...wait...hasnt mercedes made something called a SMART btw???? (yes i know someone will tell me its different...its electric bla bla) SAME SHIT DIFFERENT SMELL

I have said it many times before and ill say it again...the current bmw board does not have a plan...a vision for the just goes with flow...and the proof is in making a spectacular concept 2 years ago...cancel it while other brands (aston martin and VW - audi porsche) worked on them - despite the market not beeing right at the time but sensibly knowing it would pick up...and now that it has they have their products ready...while bmw is doing crapy concepts just to try and pick up with the others...

but time will tell...the panamera has been selling like crazy...and probably cost a lot more than the 6 coup GT will...lets see who sells more in 3 years time.
Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
look...ask yourself why is the X5 the most popular premium SUV out there...why is the M3 so popular...why is the 3 ser so popular??

obviously because they are excelent products but because they broke the mould...they were the first out there to offer a package that combine design, power, luxury and great handling...while today all other brands just follow bmw...especially audi.

thats my main reason for saying I think bmw is coming to late to this coupe business...lets not forget all of us here are biased...we will buy and we love our bimmers but there are a lot of other people out there...specially these emerging markets that dont have this idea about bmw and rwd and handling like we do. So unless bmw really makes and incredible product that makes the other competitors look like shit...this car will fail...and I dont see how making a crapy concept just to try and catch up with others will do someone likes to say bmw doesnt leads....doesnt look like it now...

And if you want another great example take the BMW M5 touring or the M3 4 door coup versus audis RS4 and RS6 Avant...the bimmers are better cars in terms of handling...they had what was considered the best engine in the world for 2 years in a row if im not mistaken and yet it appears bmw wont make another M5 or M3 touring because of poor sales...why??? simply because audi created that market 20 years ago almost...are they better?? no but they were the first!!!

I would really like to know what scott thinks about this concept compared to audis A7 concept...if he thinks this was good move from bmw to present such a poor concept production wise instead of a proper one like audi did...or just wait a few more months and do it right in paris...and if they are presenting this concept now whats the point of showing a different version in paris...was there some pressure from the board to have something to show the chinese?