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Originally Posted by PM3 View Post
either u dont know how to read or u just didnt bother reading my post but again...look at the example of the M5 touring and M3 4 door...slow sales mean they will be canceled...did u see the same statment from audi regarding the RS6 Avant??? u are talking about big volume cars (the A1) that compared to the development costs are feasible...small volume cars like this 6ser coup...or the M5 touring...or the 4door M3...are low volume so if they dont sell they will just be canceled in the future...comprenez pas?
Ok, I see what you mean. But what can you say about 5 GT? Did not BMW say this is a niche model, and not a volume model? But they did it because it was not to expensive to build. So the same goes for 6 GC. Now I wonder how a 5 GT is cheaper to develop than an M3 Touring (E91)? Just swap M3 Sedan (E90) parts and make a new rear bumper. A new bumper is cheaper than to make for the 5 GT completely different head-and rear-lights compared to 5 Series (F10) or 7 Series (F01). If not, would not you like to have an M7? How BMW can not rival S AMG and S8? BMW arguments are shit. How they can not lighten the M3 with asking 115.000 ? The Boxter Spyder costs only 7.000 more than a Boxster S.