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Hi folks. I just got a 2011 335i xDrive coupe, and, like many here, wish to lower it an inch or so. I was all set to go with the Eibach Pro kit, then remembered something I'd read in an early review of the car concerning a change to Sachs dampers for the '11 model year coupes. I called the parts department at the dealer, and learned the BMW part numbers for the front springs changed from model year 2010 to model year 2011. What I don't know is the nature of the change, but now I'm hesitant to order the springs for fear that they won't work with the revised struts in the 2011. (I also called H&R; they had no info on the 2011 and advised me to hold off buying springs until the extent of the changes in the 2011 cars was determined. Eibach, predictably, said they have no springs for the xDrive configuration.) I'm frustrated but willing to wait to make sure I get the proper springs for the car. If anyone has more/better information on the Sachs dampers in the '11 coupe and how/if it pertains to lowering springs, please post. Thanks!