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Prep notes

It is a very good install especially for a first time. But I want to see pictures of it 3 months from now.

Surface prep: This is the most important part. I good install is worth nothing if it does not stay stuck. Clean and strip all wax with Prep-sol or wax and grease remover. Get it at the local body shop and auto paint supply. Pay close attention to those hard to get in cracks and under the fender wells as well as all places the edge of the vinyl lays. Prep-sol does not remove much but breaks it loose. re-clean with common rubbing alcohol to remove residue. This takes 2 or 3 times to get it all. Go over those same tough spot more than once. When it is clean enough to wrap you should be able lightly place the palm of your hand on it and almost feel like you could stick to it like Spiderman. The use of Prep-sol increases adhesion 6 times more than if you just cleaned it with alcohol.

Now as far as vinyl handling I won't get into. Those of us that make a living doing this prefer to keep our trade secrets. I will say this that car should not take more than a day to wrap by an experienced installer. The biggest reason I even started this reply is I hate seeing folks being mislead and damaging their cars by getting the idea this is an easy task and can be done with intermediate vinyls like 651 or some other calendered vinyl that is meant for flat sign work.

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