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Originally Posted by ///ajd View Post
Just tried the new 19" 452 Falken tyres on the car.

I used the same pressures as with the RFTs - 2.6bar front, 3.0bar rear.

Well, I must say I'm surprised to say it feels almost half way between the 19" RFTs and 17" non-RFT winter tyres - I was expecting it to feel more like the 19" RFTs. The ride is no doubt better than the 19" RFTs, but the handling is noticably a bit less sharp - certainly from the rear (it does have a marginally higher profile as they are 265/30, not 255/30).

Early days, I need to drive it a bit more, but must confess I'm left wondering whether I prefer the RFTs even though they are a bit harsh at times.....
If you have 19" rims what size Falkens did you have fitted to the rear wheels?
The closest match I can see is 265/30/19; is that what you have and, if so, is it ok to fit a 265 on a rim designed for 255?
The reason I ask is that I'm also thinking of changing my Bridgestones and Falkens appear to be highly recommended.

PS: sorry, I didn't fully read your comments. I now see that you do have 265's on the rears, but I'd still like to know if it's ok to have them fitted on a 255 rim - thanks.