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Luminics JDM yellow bulbs vs OEM foglights *pics*

Yeah, I don't quite want to associate my car with "JDM" stuff,
but its just a bulb. so cut me a slack.

So tonight, I got to install Luminics JDM Yellow foglight bulbs.

*Installation warning:
If you have big hands, oh wow. This is going to be a hassle for you.
Being an asian, we don't have big hands. You get the idea.
and even with my small hand, it was tough to reach. I got scratches everywhere.
Installation procedure is in E90POST DIY section. One clip and about 6 bolts
will give you access. Make sure your wheel is facing whatever direction that
is opposite(if you are installing driver's side, turn the wheel to the right).
Once you take the plastic piece out, you'll see the foglight right there.
Can't miss it. If anyone wants detailed DIY with pics, I can do a write-up.

To be honest, as for visibility, you can see in the pics. Not much
better with the yellow bulbs, but we'll see during foggy days or rainy
days. Its not any worse though. Thats good thing. The pictures
somehow exaggerated the white output somehow. In reality,
they are pretty much the same in terms of brightness. So don't let the pictures fool you.

I've been involved with lots of different bulbs, so I knew the deal.
I didn't expect much out of these bulbs at all, but damn. Yellow output
is quite impressive. It has that IS300/Corevette yellow foglight look. (for reference).
Color was CLEARLY different, it was Yellow(luminics bulbs) vs White(OEM bulbs).
It also looks 10000000x better when you have Xenons on. My OEM foglight completely
looked like crap compared to the yellow ones. My girlfriend was here too,
she didn't like it at first. When I turned the xenons on, she nodded and said "keep it".

I was pretty much happy with the result.
$25 bucks WELL SPENT & 100% satisfied with my first mod to my e90.
I recommand these to anybody who is looking for a different look.

Remember, these pictures don't do justice. It looks much better in real life.

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