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The new law in AZ will be enforced as such : If there is suspicion that someone is illegal , the police can ask for their ID and ask if they are a citizen of the US. This might occur if someone is pulled over for speeding, for example.

Nowhere does the word "Mexican" appear in the law.

.....and Police are not going to walk the streets asking Mexicans for their ID. Everyone that thinks this is going to happen needs to stop with the anxiety.

On CNN, Hispanic singer Shakira was worried last night that she didn't have her papers on her, so was worried she might go to jail if police asked her for her papers. Even though the law is not effective yet, she was just making her point. To this ridiculous comment, I'm going to have to float her a big fat.....Oh Pul - eeease.

What makes her comment especially ignorant is the fact she is a bleach blond, and no longer looks hispanic, yet she is still concerned she might be asked for her papers, since according to her, the new law will result in police singling out hispanics. Huh?? If, according to her, the new law will enable police to single out hispanics, and she no longer LOOKS hispanic, then why is she worried in th FIRST PLACE!!

Hey Shakira, Go back to your day job, you ignoramus.

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