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Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
This assumption is supported by statistics. Racism: Do you want to take the trash out? - No, I'll pay some Mexicans to do it.
That is not racism that is stereotyping. I don't see any oppression, prejudice, violence, dislike or discrimination in that statement.
Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
Not racism: There are a lot of Mexican illegal immigrants in Arizona. In fact, the majority of illegal immigrants there are Mexican. Thefore, as the most affected group, Mexicans are the topic of discussion. Curb your instinct to point out biggotry, this isn't it.

I personally don't like the word "illegals".
Well they are here illegally. I would not use the term immigrant either because that implies they are here legally. People need to get over trying to sugar coat things. They are Illegal Aliens plain and simple.
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