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For those who oppose AZ new law, do you know what happens to you if Mexican authorities find out your there illegally? How about N. Korea? 13yrs in a labor camp sound good to some? AZ is just taking it upon themselves to enforce a law and what our constitution declares is the role of the federal government. I know for a fact other countries check peoples ID's to see if they are in the country legally. Christ our immigration law states that all resident, non resident aliens carry their ID at all times. WTF good does that do if we can't check it.

And lets be honest here, the problems we're having is not from Germans or Irish folk coming here illegally with pounds of weed up their ass. They are coming in from Mexico, they are Mexicans, to say it's "Profiling" because a cop doesn't pull over a 80yr old from Norway because he/she suspects they may be a Mexican national smuggling drugs is asinine. We need to stop being such candy asses and if there's a group of people causing a problem in this country, call them out. To hell with this PC crap.