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Originally Posted by 742 View Post
This debate is pointless.

The AZ law won't be enforced for the same reason that employment related laws are not enforced -- the business interests want the illegals in order to keep labor costs down. Of course there will be a lot of noise, and a few token arrests, but the big picture will not change.
Bingo. What we are seeing here is the racist part of the Republican party vs the pro-business part, behind the scenes. Only the stupid and paranoid think the Dems are the only ones "protecting" illegal aliens, if they all are.

I am Dem (by reluctant default, cuz I'm surely not a Rep), and I had to relook up the word "illegal" the other day just so I was sure. New laws re-illegalize something illegal.

There's alot of $ and political beef from both sides behind turning a blind eye towards low, cheap, illegal labor in this country. If existing laws were enforced then we would not be having this problem. Then, our "problem" would be inflation due to the lack of cheap labor. Then we could hear about how that is Obama's fault as well.