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Originally Posted by Ccatznip View Post
To make a long story short, if a military member buys it, it will just be registered to him/her through the military registered drivers database, and be driven here freely with no added taxes. If a German would by the car, we would have to remove it from the military system, add it to the german system, and they would have to pay the taxes for the price of the vehicle. They could then drive it as a Euro registered vehicle. This is the easiest wah i can think to explain it. It does not have to come back directly to the states.
Can we find out how much the taxes are? I may be interested in buying your
car for the asking price, and keeping it in Europe (different country) depending
in the process/taxes that have to be paid in Germany. On which price of the
car are the taxes based on? Seller's asking price? Original buying price and then
pro-rated for the months that have gone by since the purchase of the car? I'd
appreciate it if without too much hassle, you can find out. Thanks.