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Official Way to reset service information data

What you entered is the Instrument Cluster Test funtion screen.

After turning the vehicle to the radio mode, (everything on except the engine), you have to hold the button down AFTER the date/time, temp screen comes up in the LCD screen.

To reset the service information data using the cluster:
• KL-15 on and all Variable displays in cluster off (clock should be displayed)
• Press and hold odometer reset button until CBS pictures display in cluster for about
5 seconds then release
• Use the BC button to scroll through till desired resetable picture is displayed.
• “Reset?” is displayed, Press and hold BC button a picture of a small anaolg clock
runs through its display. When complete, the CBS reset that you chose is reset.
• If you want to insure that the reset was done, you can press the BC button while still
looking at the CBS reset pictogarm and the acknowlegment of reset will be shown
with a check mark in a box