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Yes, this should ONLY be reset as in a case such as Kraems, whenever possible do use the Free Maintenace plan with BMW. Not only will it allow your vehicle to be checked for any problems, but you wont have to pay a thing. Free Wipers, Oil service, Brake fluid flush's, these are all essential to keep your vehicle in premium condition. The information i supplied is only for that rare case such as the one that started this thread. I do work for a dealership myself and take pride in the work i do. Every vehicle that i get for a service gets looked over very well, even when under warranty. I have found many instances where the typical oil change turned into a 4 wheel brake service, axles being replaced due to leaking boots, the occasional oil leak being repaired, many of these problems which were stopped before becoming larger problems, and not only that, all done under warranty.
I know people have had problems with some dealer service dept's, I have seen them happen myself. The information i provide is not to discourage the services being done at the dealership, but as the starter to this thread stated, it was due to an uncommon circumstance that this procedure had to be performed.
Take advantage of the maintenance, no other manufacturer will cover as much as BMW does.
The occasional trip to the dealer can save you a lot of money down the road by finding the problems before they escalate.