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Originally Posted by BudVlad View Post
Iím doing the conversion on 325i with N53 engine. Local BMW specialist will do it for me ( Iíll be in Canada next two months). When I return to Europe I will have to update the software. When itís all done I will dyno the car and post the results.
When I bought the car I was deciding between 325i and 330i. The 330 was over $6,000 more than 325. The cars are identical except for the manifold, rear muffler and larger brakes on the 330. Since I was going to replace the muffler and brakes anyway I got the 325 and saved 6K for the mods. I already installed Remus Quad and BMW Performance brakes. Now is the time for upgrading to 330i with better braked and muffler.
+1, the 330 is not worth it after this mod, 6k is not worth larger brakes, a manifold, a badge, and higher insurance rates, which is why im selling mine.

nice, with the N53 you should reach somewhere near 280hp which is very impressive.

Im looking forward to the dynos.