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man you guys are "upgrading" to 330i.. wrong target to me.

You guys should be going for 335. 330i is still painfully slow compared to others.
Get a 335i and see what 6 grand can do. oh man.
We know we know, the 335 is a great machine but its not that simple:

1. I do not wish to sell and upgrade, Im satisfied with my e90 and even if I had to swap in an N54, I still wouldnt sell it to save the hassle. It has a soul.

2. 335s dont come in Barrique red, which is the color of mine. Its my favorite color besides white and red, but dont want another plain colored bimmer in those colors.

3. With all due respect, coming from 3 consecutive Nissan Skyline GTRs and a GT-T, I would not waste my money on a 335 if I wanted to go fast. 280hp is plenty to enjoy and have fun for my taste.

Im sure most will agree that theyve grown attatched to their vehicles and selling doesnt feel right. I bet you love yours too, you made it a beautiful looking 330i