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Originally Posted by wuchao1 View Post
So if I dont reeally have a lot of experience on doing DIYs then do you think its a better idea to let a shop do it for me?
And im also guessing that a BMW dealer wont do that swap for me right??
Heres the scenario. I cannot get a grasp because of a lack of a formal writeup/diy, which is what Im creating. Hopefully with the mechanics help and my ability to write a proper DIY, you will be able to simply imitate these steps.

Anything needed, feel free to PM me. always glad to help.

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335i wasnít ever option for me. 330i has 30hp less than 335i but itís over 100kg lighter than 335i. Besides the reliability of the N/A engine I favor the driving characteristic of N/A car over the turbocharged.
+1 Ive grown fond of NA daily drivers opposed to ones with snail attatchments.

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Def. keeping my eye on this thread. Looking forward to running out of warranty, lol
Hahahaha, thats the spirit. May I suggest taking useless trips to far away places.