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Originally Posted by IancoleTX View Post
Good for you Issa, I (we) really appreciate the write-up. Are you going to be doing before/after dynos, or just the 0-60 times, etc.?
Thanks, you guys are very welcome.

Im looking for dynos within the area. I will be doing the "before" 0-60 runs verrrrry soon, so stay tuned

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Those are some legit reasons. I understand. I just didn't want you guys to be frustrated like me due to power issues. N52 is so hard to get extra juice out of. As long as you are happy with your ride, thats all it matters.

I love my car like no other, but this fat girl should spend some time on running machine.
Thanks, I understand your frustration, then again you had a 330 to start off with, so I agree, it must have been such a pain to get power out of an already tuned vehicle.

For the 325.... its painfully slow. AC needs to be turned off anytime harsh acceleration is necessary or else the car becomes a snail, hence the conversion.

Mine needs to hit the gym as well

P.s., if you want lots of power, pressure companies to release Forced Induction kits. They can do it but refuse to which is rather unfair.