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How to pair bluetooth phone (Motorola E815 Bluetooth + iDrive )

I remember there were a few posts about people being confused how to sync and work their their phone with iDrive. Here are some hints:

To pair the phone the very first time with the car:
While in the car with the ignition (iDrive) turned on, using the Motorola, goto Menu > Settings > Connections > Bluetooth Link > Setup > Power > On - This enables the bluetooth link.
Now in the previous sub menu or Menu > Settings > Connections > Bluetooth Link > Setup > Power > Find Me. This will enable bluetooth to search for other devices / allow itself to be found.
Within 60 seconds while the Motorola allows itself to be discovered, using iDrive, Menu > Information > Communication Settings > Bluetooth > Phone. The screen will read "Bluetooth connectable in this menu".
At this point the two should discover each other and a prompt will come up to Add Device or Refuse the connection, hit Add Device.
Then another prompt will come up asking for a passkey. The passkey you enter on both devices has to be the same thing, 4 digits. I used 0000 on both of mine without problems.

Using Bluetooth:
If you are in the car when a call comes in, the name/number will appear on the screen along with an Accept/Reject promt. Press Accept. The music will be paused/turned off. Using the volume buttoms/knob to control the loudness of the person you are talking to.
If you need to talk privately, pick up your Motorola, go to Menu > Switch Audio. This will switch from car to phone. I am not sure, but I believe this to be on a per call basis. Meaning if you want to talk privately again on the next phone you will have to perform the same steps.
If entering the car while on a phone call, ask the person to wait for about 5 to 10 seconds, this is the time required for Windows to boot, find the device, and switch it over from the phone to the car. The car automatically "grabs" the call from the phone.
If exiting the car while continuing to talk, turn off the ignition, iDrive will continue to be on until you disconnect bluetooth. To do this, go to Menu > Disconnect Bluetooth. iDrive will turn off and the phone call will remain on your Motorola.

Feel free to post any questions / corrections.
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