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Originally Posted by DrDurt View Post
i remember reading that someone was running the manifold w/o a tune, saying that the stock ecu is already equipped to handle to the 3stage manifold. Can anyone verify this?????????
Yes our 325 ecu software is equipped with programming that controls the valves. They open and close normally yet the software is programmed for the 325 manifold and the amount of air that used to come in, hence the tune to adjust the combustion ratios.

Originally Posted by Aonarch View Post
Yes that is true. You will find about a 8hp increase without a tune. I know of 3 members who ran the swap without tunes and saw that gain as well as the DISA values functioning on the dynos.
Correct, there may be flat spots, but the tune fixes this.

Originally Posted by mikeokimster View Post
Can you point me in the right direction of who exactly did the swaps? Our top end really suffers and this would greatly improve it.
Follow the link above.

More like the whole powerband suffers
Finally a solution.