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Originally Posted by mjfloyd1 View Post
Keep in mind that the ecu tuning is different for a stock 330 vs a stock 325 and thus the higher HP. The flash will put you at stock 330 or "tuned" 330
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Nahh buddy. There a few differences between the 325 and the 330. A simple reflash to a 325 to a 330 will NOT make 330 all. I would surprised it the 325 even started.
You misunderstood. When he said the stock software is different, he was pertaining to the ability to use and function the DISA valves, hence the higher hp. Three stage manifold on 325 software equals 8 hp gain, with 330 software equals 330i territory.

Like he said, the tuned software (with manifold pf course) would put it at tuned 330i territory which is 265 or 275 horsepower depending on the tune.

Take it from me, this guy knows what hes doing, hes doing this mod too.