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Originally Posted by wuchao1 View Post
329i sounds good lol maybe we should just put that onto the car after getting it done.. jk..
So can I just to make sure one more time (sry..) after getting the manifold it will gain about 8hp and I can still keep the powerbox? And then after the 330 software it will be getting about the same as the 330 and if I get a tuned software then it will be like making 260-270hp? And with the 330 software or the tuned ones the powerbox will not work right?

just want to make sure I didnt get it wrong..
Correct. When you do the swap you can keep the power box, but once you get the 330i tune you shouldn't use the powerbox anymore, because it will be worthless and will just interfere with the tune, the tune will cover everything the powerbox does and more!!!