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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
I have to chime in here. I see a lot of people haven't seen the other thread on this. I have 325i with the tune and manifold. It works but the tune is off slightly. I'm about 10-15 hp short of stock 330i territory but the exhaust is more restrictive and my car just cleared 128k miles. I've been trying really hard to get the software update Powerchip made for me buts it's been rather difficult. They keep saying they're busy, but all they have to do is email a file to a vendor in Los Gatos. But anyway, here's a link to my thread:

Oh and by the way, I had the tune loaded before the manifold was installed. It ran fine. It just had some weird gaps in power.
Thanks for the input.

The 128k miles attained on your vehicle is one cause of the loss in power.
Powerchips outdated software could be another cause, yet the engines are identical.

The exhaust is identical except for a more restrictive catalytic converter and muffler. I have a muffler delete which eliminates the latter from the equation.

330i horsepower is indeed attainable with this mod, with the right software.