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uh you shouldn't do this.
+1 I agree, unless you have a decent amount of mechanical skill. When I was your age I used to dissasemble and rebuild RB26DETT long-blocks back in the '90s so I have a lot of faith in todays youth; then again im not old.

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So we may be able to get into 335 territory? Lets say the odds are with us and with tune we get 275, we can add intake(which wont give much power) less restrictive exhaust, and say SS headers. Primary cat deletes is suppose to be 15whp, so maybe, just maybe...
Horsepowerwise, yes it is attainable. If wintertunings 289hp is accurate, along with headers and cat deletes, you may be able to reach the 300hp mark.

Torquewise, no. Our cars suffer in the torque reigon. The tune gives us 235 lbft which is 65 of the 335s stock torque and will the rest of the modifications, leaves us with around 240-250, still greatly underpowered compared to a stock 335.

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The 335's are under-rated typically. It is just not going to happen. It will be noticeably short on torque compared to the 335.

Doesn't hurt to dream though!
Exactly. The car will still be suffiecient for fun and everyday driving.

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We definitely will not get near 335 territory. If the powerchips performance tune claims 275/233, at the wheels thats probably 230-240 whp and around 200wtq. There will also be a difference if you have xdrive/rwd or a Automatic/6MT. Someone correct me if i'm wrong. I'm sure deleting the cats and getting an intake will add a few ponies. But what does a stock 325i dyno at? I saw figures from 185-200whp, so an additional 30whp will definatley be felt.
We will reach 335 territory in terms of hp not torque if you plan on dumping on top of the manifold mod, as the manifold alone is not enough for 300hp. A tune, headers and catalytic converter delete would bring you near that figure but who knows how much that will cost.

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You can get a BMS powerbox or have your 330 software flashed to get a few more hp and ft lbs of torque. BMS powerbox also adds throttle remap as well as 10 -ish hp and 10ish ft lbs of torque. Or look at active autowerks, powerchip,... but it is at least twice as much.

Sorry for my wording earlier, I didn't mean 330 hp, I meant 330 ecu flash to stock 330 software or to "tuned" 330 software. I should have been more clear about that.
The BMS is obsolete with the tune. Throttle response remapping on top of throttle response remapping makes the car become unpredictably edgy. The horsepower gains are about 3-4 which isnt much.

That said, im not positive so someone should try this and confirm/deny.

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With manifold, tune, and headers (probably $3-4k all in), you are looking at probably 290 at the crank, ~250whp. Stock 335s dyno 260-280whp, so we are still looking at about a 20whp deficit. We would have benefit of less weight (~200lb) and a more linear power curve. I think it would be close with a stock 335i. However, that leaves us maxed out for power, and at that point the 335 can add a chip for a few hundred bucks and forget about it.

Let me clarify. For the money that will be spent naturally aspirating it to a 335i level could be spent on a supercharger which will allow you to feed off of 335s, yet this isnt what this thread is about.

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All that money and still way down on torque compared to 335 and as you said they can put a juice box + or SSTT in for 100 - 200 dollars (used) and add 40 hp and 50 ft lbs. Just a little more $ and you can get a lot more HP and torque with a JB3 or procede.
Correct, they have cheap power gains.

Let me clarify. You will feel greater acceleration than normal because of our short gears and final drive ratio.

If you are looking for 335 power, supercharge it or trade it in. If you want modest, decent power, this mod is for you. N52 are not easy to squeeze power out of.