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Originally Posted by Graham M View Post
Yes its true it does have a remarkably strong roll cage. The problem THAT leaves; is that since there is VERY little for crumple zones (ones that absorb impact, thus minimizing the amount of energy YOU absorb) are quite minimal.

So yes, the likely hood of the car ripping to shreds in a serious accident are slim, the chance of suffering massive trauma from being whipped around like a pinball are significantly greater then that of even a miata.
Except that as I posted, in real accidents with real people in real cars, that's not an actual issue. So, instead of working with theories and hypothetical outcomes, maybe you might want to absorb the real world data of what happens to these cars and their occupants in real world crashes. Like on the page I posted.

We need to stop spreading fear based on conjecture, and only deal in what has really happened with them over the years. And what has really happened has proven them to be very safe to be in in the event of a crash.
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