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Reputable Florida BMW Shops - Accessories, Audio, Performance.. etc.

Edit - well it seems you guys dig the idea so far, so i changed the thread title to something so people know exactly what it is. let's get some great submissions and a nice working directory of awesome FL shops going!

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after a lot of browsing through the regional FL subforum i've noticed a LOT of people requesting suggestions/details for local shops/services. i thought it might be a good idea to make a mega-thread where everyone can post their favorite shops with location, contact info, details on services available and maybe a short review/description of services you've got at that shop.

we don't have any sticky threads here but i wanted to get a general bit of feedback on this idea and see what you all thought about it. it'd be a great reference for those looking for performance/detailing/etc shops in their area without having to browse through tons of pages for the right threads/posts.

i know search helps a bit but sometimes the details are so vague it's hard to find the right thing. i know this would be helpful for people.. here's an example of how each post could be laid out possibly:

Performance Shop in Orlando

Shop Name: BMW Exclusive Performance
Location: 111 N. Main St Suite #11 Orlando, FL 11111
Contact: John Doe, Shop Manager - (407) 555-1212
Services Offered:
  • Turbos
  • Exhaust
  • Headers
  • Intakes
  • Chipping/Programming
Service Performed Magnaflow Exhaust + Tips
The guys at BMW Exclusive Performance really know what they were doing, they took my car in as a walk-in, no appointment necessary and had everything done in a couple hours. Great prices and even better service. If you're looking for engine mods/performance upgrades or just a new exhaust I'd highly recommend contacting these guys!
now this is obviously just an example - but maybe this could take off and get us a nice little database of great shops in our respective florida areas and save people a lot of time shopping around for the right place to work on their bimmers.

if this gets a good response then I can start the thread and request it be stickied and you guys can just copy the format i made or use your own, so long as pertinent info is included like contact/location/services available, let me know what you guys think!

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this list is getting too long.....

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