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So can I just quickly summarize a few keypoints, and maybe reiterate some of the issues that are still present at this stage?

I am just getting a little overwhelmed with the sudden activity on the forums... I know there's also that new CHIP currently in development which is promising some gains thorugh valvetronic tuning.

1. We know the 3-Stage Intake Manifold Swap works. It's good for 330 level power.

2. It can be installed without any additional changes to the ECU for a small gain. The stock ECU has the programming to work the adjusters, but not the appropriate mapping to take advantage of the new airflow.


1. There is still no clear programming solution. Marcello has used the Powerchip tune, but continues to have issues with throttle lag that have yet to be resolved.

2. We have not seen the mod done yet with any other forms of ECU tuning.

3. We have no way of knowing how products like the Sprintbooster or the PBX might react with the ECU tuning. For all we know something like that might solve Marcello's throttle lag issue.

4. I'm still not sure where we stand with this mod for 328i owners. A lot of talk, but no one has come forward citing a sucessul 328 swapover.

5. There is another ECU tuning option that those of us considering this mod should be keeping an eye. The thread started by Craven 328 discusses the development of a system that takes advantage of valvetronic tuning to draw more power out of our engines. I got a response from Craven as I was writing this which I'll share:
"This tune is not a piggyback like the BMS, it completely changes the ECU coding.

It can be fully optimized for the 3 stage manifold, much smoother then the powerchips tune, i know that for a fact.

So you would still have a 325 ECU, but it would be coded to support the manifold so a 330 at heart, but with a 325 VIN tag."

On top of this I imagine we will see gains based on the valvetronic tuning as well.

All in all very exciting times for us E90 owners.