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Originally Posted by Dumit View Post
Just had Bluefin installed in my 320d.Happy with the results, car runs smoother and feels really strong. Torque is now peaking at 453Nm at 2800rpm. Power peaks at 152Kw at 3500 rpm and stays flat to nearly 4000rpm (diesel drivers will know that this is where we need the power the most before the rev limiter kicks in).
I took the car to a reputable tuner Steve Auto to varify the numbers on their dyno - see attached (note the unit was not installed by Steve Auto nor tuning done by them I just used their dyno)
Hey dumit, those are some good figures.

How much was ur bluefin?
Where did u get it from?
How much was the Dyno Run at SAC's?
I assume the kW reading is on the wheels? So the flywheel would be much higher?