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Lets get specific......

Change name to Foreign Invaders.

Secure the borders???? Enforce with deadly force. Give a few days notice then enforce with deadly force. Start with snipers and go after the coyote. If ICE observers them crossing the border then kill them. No more chasing people through the bush, and being nice. After a few weeks of targeting coyote with deadly force, start deadly force for all observed crossing illegally. Use Apache helicopters and kill them. When you see those videos of fifty people in a line in the desert, just kill them. That would only have to be done for a short time before the illegal crossings stopped.

Create a system where it becomes better to leave than to stay if your here illegally. Give illegals 12 months to get out. So why would anyone leave? Well what you get to leave is you get to keep your money and property. Take it with you. You stay eligible to legally immigrate someday after you leave. However, after the one year if your arrested here as an foreign invader you go to GITMO where you will be investigated and sent to home of origin. You loose all property and money. You go onto a list that can never immigrate or be allowed into the USA even to visit, not even a VISA or work VISA, EVER.....
Make an exception for those who crossed as minors, they get a path to citizenship if they are not criminals already.
Your right change anchor baby law. It was created for slaves in the 1800's.
As far as businesses hiring, I am soft on this. Its not businesses job to decide if a person is here illegally or a foreign invader. It is the assumed if your here your here legally, let law enforcement do that, not employers. If I see you on the street I assume your here legally.