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Originally Posted by jaybird124 View Post
I don't mean this in a bad way at all: is this your first BMW?

The only reason I ask is I've noticed many people had issues with the brakes being 'touchy' when going less than 5 MPH.
Not trying to diminish your issue, just trying to understand the perspective.

No offense taken at all. Thanks for chiming in.

This is my first BMW, and I know BMW has great brakes. But I have a couple other 2 seater sports cars with great brakes that I also drive and whenever I get back on my BMW I do have to adjust my brake pressure. I would actually say that the BMW brakes are over boosted initially, rather than linear.

But anyway back to the problem.

Both times I took the technician out with me to show what I was talking about and they felt it too, and said they will look at it. So it is not because I am not used to BMW brakes. They thought it was down shifting hard at first, but I do not think it is transmission related any more since when I manually downshift it still does it and it looks like another gentleman has the same issue with the 6MT.

Plus both time they did something with the computer and reset something, then the cars comes to a smooth stop, but then the problem appears again within a day. This must be a software problem.
2007 335i

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