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Originally Posted by panpon View Post
hey dimsum i have 325i 2.5l, i like this cat delete, now i have a muffler and resonator delete, so i need to put them back, how if i just put the muffler back and let the resonator off, will that affect those numbers??? and what else do i need to make this work?? thanks
I'll field this one. You won't NEED to change anything if you take the cats off, it will just be really bloody loud and you will be running effective straight pipes (not sure if they have 2nd cat in Indonesia). I would, speaking form personal taste only, keep the resonator on for noise reduction.

To make this work, you need a shop who will remove your catalytic converters and weld in straight pipes. This might be illegal in your country (it is in mine), so you will need a friend at a shop or the right amount of money if that is the case. Good luck!
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