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mom needs wheels

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i feel at a loss here. i don't know much about bmws. i have a 325 e 1986. i was driving the other day and someone swerved into my lane and i swerved away and went up on the curb. the right tires are flat, one wheel is bent. i'm told the struts and strut mounts don't work maybe. i only got a bmw because i had a friend that collects and works on them and now that i, well i've got to move out. i'm really screwed. i live in Richmond, VA i'm a mom with a two and three year old. my three year old is autistic and goes to a special school. my car was my escape plan and now it's sitting out front flat. i had a job lined up so i could get my own apartment everything was working out like a dream and now i'm faced with what seems an unsurmountable problem. i guess if anyone knows where to get two wheels and tires in Richmond for cheap....or even any advice...or knows what a strut mount is and if i'm being lied to. can i just use fix a flat? i know i must seem completely rediculous on this site but don't really know what else to do....angie