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Do you have insurance?

It's hard for us to tell how much damage you have on your 325e. Maybe some photographs of damage could help us to determine how much damage you have.

Either it could be fixed, or it could be totalled? Since you're driving a 1986 model year 325e, the value of your car is probably less than the cost of repair. If the insurance decides that it's totalled, you can get a check from the insurance (based on the value of your car) and maybe you can buy another used 325e? I don't think you can find another 1986 325e (I don't see 1980's 3-series that often on the road here in California).

Hope it helps...and I can understand that you are really depending on your car for transportation (for work and bring the kids to school & doctor appointments).

Hey, is somebody in here who lives in Richmond, VA?? If you (an E90post-er) live in that city, please help that poor lady.
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