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Originally Posted by FourPtDrift View Post

The big thing that bothers me with Kriston's is the BBK selection... I really am very wary of those calipers. I just don't know how reliable that setup is... and I question how well the master cylinder works with them. It is a very interesting package he put together... but, personally, I'm much more interested in what works well from a performance perspective.

Thank you. My car actually has many more items than those two packages... my first post in this thread details all that is on the car. There are only two "base" options not included - besides the "nanny" cruise control and steering, I have every other option that is available for the car in the U.S. market along with both a complete M-Sport package and an almost complete Performance package (seats not available in the U.S., sticker doesn't make sense on a silver car, don't need the suspension as I brought my own along... and well... I like my wood interior).


JBT and Rotora Calipers come from the same factory Remember I had the OEM 6 Pot BREMBO setup on the car before, so i have had more then 1 BBK to compare them to on the same car. They perform great and this is from personal experience with both setups. Not to mention my BBK was tracked on dozens of times by Mr Soni him-self. before they were torn down by me and rebuilt.... So they have already proven themselves track worthy over and over again.

TiAg cars look great... I was a bit bored with mine, so i switched it up. I will go back to TiAg in the future its a great color. You can hold my title of nicest TiAg until than