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Arrow 2007 328i - Broken Radio - Questions

I'm new to this forum and BMW ownership, so please pardon any seemingly newbie/obvious questions...

Several weeks ago I bought a pre-owned a 2007 328i with 36k miles (from a private seller). Car runs and looks great.

The car has navigation and iDrive.

However, I just noticed that one of radio pre-set buttons is stuck in the pressed-in mode (it's the button with the number 6 on it). Also, pressing these numbered radio station buttons only seems to work intermittently, sometimes they work, often they don't. My work-around solution has been to control the radio with the iDrive knob.
So, I have some newbie questions .....
1. Is my radio covered under BMW's 50K mile warranty? Can I take my car into a BMW dealership and ask for radio repair or replacement?
2. With so many BMW radio problems discussed in these forums, would it be better to buy an aftermarket radio that is compatible with iDrive? Out of pocket expense of course.
3. Is there a radio brand and model that is compatible with iDrive?
4. Would upgrading to the BMW satelite radio eliminate the radio station buttons? (my car is satelite radio preped)
Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.