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Front windshield replacement

I've been driving around with two small cracks in my windshield since January. I'm extremely meticulous with my things and these cracks are driving me nuts! I know I can go through my insurance to get the windshield replaced. However, the last time I got a windshield replaced on my previous vehicle (F150), the insurance company recommended me to use Safelight. I was extremely dissatisfied with the service I received. The guy was dripping sweat all over my seats, dash, and steering wheel. He left my car an absolute mess with rubber shavings all over it. Along with all of that, he left my rear view mirror hanging off. I will never recommend, let alone use them ever again. With all of this, is there anyone in the Tampa or its surrounding areas that anyone would recommend that is clean and courteous and will treat my car with respect and do the job right the first time? I'd prefer to hear from people who have used the company they are recommending. For the money I spent on my car, and all of its technology, I don't want some dingbat to be touching my car.

I'm sorry for the long post for a simple question, but thanks in advance for any responses!