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joe perillo bmw stay away

My friend just got off the phone with me.I knew he wanted to buy an M3 for a long time. Now he has the money. Then he went to Joe perillo bmw trying to get a deal. He walked in without knowing the msrp and the invoice of the car .And when he tried to talk to a SA. the SA told him that they have one for one of their 09 e92 m3 manual with zpp and zcp but not ztp ON SALE FOR 78000. He double checked with the price. And let the SA print out a quote for the car.. 78000 without ztp(nav + EDC+comfort access).once he tried to ask for a lower price. and SA (KEN) told him" maybe this car is not really for you".wtf was that.. you charge more than 8 k over MSRP for a 09 and told the guy that the car was not for him. I tried load every option on ,the car and only went up to 75000 top for a coupe. And the on sale price for a 09 for 78000 without tax is just sound like a joke to me. just stay away from this dealership. I already told him to go to westmont. just stay away from this place.. what a joke.

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