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Originally Posted by Brett View Post
So for $400 you get a usb jack and this special cable? Wow

It doesn't even support PlayForSure

Atleast tell me this, does it still use the lame CD1-6 tabs for navigating, or do the tabs correctly label (ie: Genre) now? I assume since the CD changer can now be installed its the later, but I want to confirm.

I believe you regard to the iPod control using the radio. The 6FL comes with a new user interface. The categories like Genres are correctly labeld. However, with the Radio Professional the display is too small to show the full names. Therefore, abbreviations are used.

PlayForSure is not supported. This is mainly due to Microsofts policy to update their own standard every couple of month. Furthermore, MTP is a real mess and not a standard. Most commands are only optional and you cannot guarantee that the mp3-player manufacturer implements it. In the end this means that you have a 300$ player connected and you cannot use skip commands because the protocol command was not implemented.

I think it is enough to say that Microsoft's own player "Zune" is not PlaysForSure and their box "Blue&Me" that is sold with Fiat does not support PlaysForSure either.