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Originally Posted by Modmike View Post
You should take the time to read my article, I addressed a single point that is the subject of much misinformation and from the response it sounds like it wasn't addressed before. As to your point about being concise my article is shorter than yours if you take out the quotes, that is IF they where about the same subject, which they are not. Mine is an expose.
i did. and basically what you said here:

“A printout from an American or Canadian dealership’s vehicle service database.
This document must be produced by an authorized dealer and not a reseller. You can confirm whether or not a dealership is authorized by visiting the manufacturer’s web site or by calling their head office and providing them with the dealership’s location. The printout must also contain the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN), year, make and model, and indicate that there are no outstanding recalls. RIV routinely forwards a copy of these printouts to the manufacturer for authentication.”

And that's exactly what I did. One of the terms I negotiated was to have the vehicle Warranty Service Inquiry printout sent to me after I made the deposit, but before I signed. When I received the document, I immediately scanned it and emailed it to the RIV who promptly acknowledged receipt. I called an hour later and they confirmed it was acceptable. With the biggest roadblock eliminated, I proceeded to physically import my car, which took less than 40 minutes to pass both borders.
Is exactly what I said here: (is it not?)

- IMPORTANT info on getting the recall clearance letter: you can get this from BMW Canada and they will charge you $500 for it... OR... better off, the dealer that you purchase the vehicle can get it for you for FREE. My dealer was not even a BMW dealer. It was just some used car dealer, but they called up their local BMW dealer and had it faxed over. All you have to do is before you close up the deal with your dealer, just make sure with him that he can get you a copy of this letter because without it, you can't import the car. I'm sure they will get this letter for you.

Just trying to save you the time of typing all that up, but if you enjoy typing, go for it! The more info out there the better, I guess.