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Stuttering, Misfiring, Stumbling--Fixed!

I went to the dealer a while back and they flashed my car with the newest software. I drove away from the dealer on the stock software and my car started to run really rough. It even threw misfire codes. I pulled over, restarted my car and everything was fine. At first, I thought it was the meth spraying with my stock software but once it started happening more and more, I realized that it had nothing to do with meth.

This usually happened in the middle of being cold and hot but more on the cold side. For example, I would start the car and it would run fine. I would drive away going through the residnetial section so keeping it in 2nd gear cruising. I'll pull up to a stop sign and stop and the engine is running fine. I then accelerate from the stop sign and that's when the sputtering would happen. I'd be like WTF? I would either shut the car off or just hit the accelerator pedal a couple times to try to snap my car out of it and then it would be fine.
If my car was completely hot, I wouldn't experience anything like this. It was only the warm up phase.

This was starting to happen every other day so I wanted to see if there was anything that I could do.
I opened up the BT software and went to the "Commands" section under the Engine tab.
With my engine warmed up and running, I reset the following:

-Air Control Adjustment
-Throttle Valve Adaptation
-Fuel/Air Adaptation
-Secondary Air Injection Adaptation

I did this May 2nd and haven't had any sputtering or anything since. I'm not saying that if you guys are having this issue then this will take care of all your problems, but I'm just saying that it may just work. In my case, all I needed was either one thing reset or a couple things reset.
I'm curious with how many perfectly fine fuel pumps the dealers replaced

If you guys decide to do this then I take absolutely no responsibility with whatever you guys do to your car. What you decide to do with your car is at your own risk.
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