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Originally Posted by 2010335i View Post
I have a 2010 335i with less than 1,000 miles and just noticed the door rattling noises. Sounds like the door is not shut tight or the interior upholstery is not properly sealed to the doors. [b]I notice the creaking when I accelerate the car from a stopped position. It sounds metal expansion noises.[b/] Then when I am cruising around 25MPH, the rattling noises begin. I e-mailed my dealer and I will mention it next time I go in for service and mention this forum.

I've been noticing this more and more on my car lately, but for me it sure sounds like it's coming from the front of the car, forward of the A pillar. It is spontaneously intermittent, sometimes will creak on glass smooth roads and won't over bumps, but is 99% reproduce-able when slowly pulling away from a stop. What's weird is that they seem almost nonexistent when the car is cold, but once temp reaches 180* or so, it creaks 99.9% of the time, up until about 30mph and certainly sounds like the "metal expansion" mentioned above.

Need to schedule an appointment microfilter tomorrow, I guess I'll wipe the hinges with some wd40 tomorrow morning and if that doesn't solve anything I'll have the dealer look at it