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This is exciting. I wont have my car for 6 months but I want to make a wish also.

It seems folks are always going to have different tastes so I would really like to see two options.

1. For the folks who are interested in a more subtle sound. You cant have max flow without a lot of volume so perhaps a model with more resonators or smaller piping for these folks.

2. As we know, turbos do fine with very very large piping. For the one i'd order or have made, i'd want you to go wild with it assuming also that people buying this model may be modding to an even higher degree in the future. Straight through mufflers to increase flow. A nice euro tone using a perforated core or whatever you feel comfortable with. Not sure if x-piping will yield gains but if you see them from it, I would want it.

For both of the above I would want a the highest quality stainless (not going to shell out 4 grand for a titanium exhaust and not many people will). I would also like both to include v-band clamps so folks could swap sections for race v. street version quickly and easily. We could also order both sections from you so we can use one for track and one for family.

Obviously ditching the cats not monitored and/or replacing units with a high quality precious metal HFC such as an HJS or similar unit would be my preferance for street driving (no MIL) with the option to vband in a testpipe for racing.

Thanks for asking the forum.

cheers! Mike