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just flying through some of the posts, and overall, theyre so many different types of people with common goals.

things that dont need to be stated

**lightweight design**(we dont need to state this, no one in their right mind will slap on a exhaust that weighs 10lbs more than stock) its sort of a slap in the face for a tuner lol
**pricing** (if they want to sell, they'll find a happy medium, if its too high, no one will buy, too low and they lose money)

Peformance/Sound/Looks are the main points. find a formula that worked for other companies and build off that. perfection is not possible for bmw owners, theres always that next level, that other tuner, that other guy who has more money etc.

its nice that Vishnu asked for suggestions, but its pretty clear what people want, deliver a product that you would be proud to sport on your own 335i and i think you're set! sound is really subjectiive and all ears. everyone appreciates better performance and looks are to" the eyes of the beholder"

as for the tip/materials issue, place a poll and the figures will speak for themselves