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Originally Posted by Harajuku View Post
How do you drive this beast in Oahu? I just got back from Oahu and I think I ventured onto that same road that overlooks diamond head and the speed limit is about 25 MPH. In fact, all over the island the speed limit is between 15 MPH and the highest I remember seeing even on the highways was 50 MPH and 90% of drivers follow it, no one tail gates, no one uses their horn - just an aloha and a wave as you cruise at about 30 MPH on most roads.

I was there for over a week and even if I wanted to drive over 45 MPH I don't think I could have because everyone everywhere is going slow. It's tolerable when you're in a dodge rental but behind the wheel of vehicle with so much power I think I would jump head first into a coral reef after a few days of that...
The max speed limit is 60 MPH and that's only on sections of the H-1 (freeway) and the H-3. Generally the freeway is 55 but lower in places.

I wouldn't say 90% of the drivers follow the speed limit. There is a lot of freeway driving (and other places too) at 15 or more over. At 15 over you can expect a ticket, at 10 over probably not but that does not stop the majority of drivers. And yes, I do let loose the power of the V-10 more often that I should. I won't say how fast I've driven the M6 here, but it's a fast car that likes to stretch its legs now and again and who am I not to let the beast loose on occasion.