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BMW Performance side skirts - photo + part numbers

18. BMW Performance side skirts

At the end of last week, I finally had the side skirts out of the BMW Performance program painted and installed on my car. I ordered these through the German website Salesafter (BMW Herrnleben); however, these guys were not really clever: They delivered the sideskirts, but NOT the clips and other small pieces you need in order to actually install them (the mounting pieces for the OEM side skirts do not fit, unfortunately).

Anyway, I managed to find out all the part numbers I needed and ordered them through my local BMW dealership; the cost for those additional pieces was 45 EUR. The sideskirts themselves set me back 285,60 EUR (painting not included).

Here are also the part numbers for both the side skirts and the mounting pieces (for an E90 LCI! for the E92/E93 you need other pieces), in case somebody else may come into the same situation as I did or wants to order the pieces himself (unless otherwise indicated, you only need one piece of each):
  • 51772147271 (sideskirt 1)
  • 51772147274 (sideskirt 2)
  • 07147127540 (6x)
  • 07147237083 (6x)
  • 51772147273
  • 51772147276
  • 51777166871
  • 51777166872
  • 51777166873
  • 51777166874
  • 51777166875
  • 51777166876
  • 51777891250 (24x)
The installation was very easy, more or less plug & play (IF you have the right mounting pieces...). IMO they look really good, although of course on a dark car you notice them less than on a car with a lighter colour. I also have the impression they're a bit bigger than the OEM skirts, i.e. reaching further down on the car.

Here's a photo of the sideskirts after installation (sorry for it being so dark, but the weather isn't good right now); also note that my car is lowered quite a lot right now due to the installation of the Bilstein B16 Ride Control coilover - that's not yet the final height, I'll have it set a bit higher in a few days:

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