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How to - Replace your Fuel filter

This guide is done on an E90 330d (2005-2007).

Mileage recomendation:
45,000 miles

BMW Part Number:

Real OEM:

Time required:
1 hour

Tools required:
mini hacksaw
13mm ratchet bit
7mm ratchet bit
8mm ratchet bit
1/4 and 3/8 drivers
flat blade screw driver
T15 torx screw driver

First off, because Eurocarparts have provided me an incorrect fuel filter part (19.00) - this will not fit. After further investigation it is for an E46 so I will be going to BMW for the correct part tomorrow (40.00).

So now you have been warned about going for cheaper parts.

But, we can start the guide as the fuel filter will be identical to that of the old one coming off.

Jack car up, The Haynes Manual says to jack up the rear of the car but this is incorrect - jack the front passenger side up.

Place an axle stand under the car at the rear jacking point and I also decided to place one at the front (as shown) because I would rather live whilst my car is damaged (this is not a correct jacking location but secure enough to give you time to get out from under the car) - these M Sports BMWs are low and will crush you if the trolley jack fails.

Once the car is secure, you have to undo the scuttle cover under the car; this is fixed by seven (7) 8mm bolts easily accessed.

Above you can see the fuel filter (arrowed).

Pull the scuttle cover clear (it is hinged by a bracket on the driver’s side) so manoeuvre it off the latch.

Above is the fuel filter (to the right) and pre heater (to the left).

Get under the car proper, if you’re a chubby, good luck with this job as clearance is minimal.

Grab your hacksaw and saw off the fuel supply pipe retaining clip (this is the engine side of the fuel filter NOT the pre-heater side). If the fuel filter has been replaced before then you may be blessed with having a fuel pipe retaining clip with a hex bolt - in which case you can grab your 7mm ratchet bit (or flat blade screw driver) and untighten and remove.

Grab your 13mm ratchet bit and untighten and remove the bolt that holds the fuel filter in place the chassis of the car.

Now grab your washing up bowl (not the one that you do wash up with or be prepared for the missus to start releasing the trolley jack on you) and position in place under the fuel supply pipe...

Pull the fuel supply pipe (red arrow) from the fuel filter - a good tug ( ) will ensure this is done. Be prepared for fuel leakage!

Grab a flat blade screw driver and pull the pre-heater retaining clip out - again be prepared for more fuel leakage.

The fuel filter should now be clear of the car. Remove bracket of filter (T15 Torx screw driver bit needed) and despose off filter.

This is how much fuel was expelled:

About quarter of a pint.

Re-fitting is the reversal of the above with your new filter replacing the sawed off fuel supply clip with a new one with a 7mm hex head.

Once filter is back on car - put the ignition on (key in and hold start stop button for 10 seconds WITHOUT foot on clutch/brake pedals and release start stop button) and wait for 1 min whilst the fuel filter and supplies vents AND then start the car - may take a few cranks.

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